Support AIoT AC2350 Xiaomi?

Please give me the output of the following command:

bdata get CountryCode
nvram get CountryCode
root@XiaoQiang:~# nvram get CountryCode
root@XiaoQiang:~# bdata get CountryCode

Yes. It seems that the application intended for the international version does not work if the CountryCode in Bdata has the CN value. I'm thinking about how to solve this now.

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I set the region in the app to chinese mainland but it still doesn't seem to work.

Hi! Is any work still being done to port openwrt to this device? I have one of these routers now and the flexibility openwrt provides would be great.

Great work @eisaev
I followed your instructions and the improvements in WIFI signal are massive.
Thank you very much for your work.

PS: I use Windows, I made the whole process using Windows Terminal with Git BASH interpreter and had ZERO issues during the whole process

EDIT: Is there any way to block at router level? I tried blocking the host in /etc/hosts file but the file is overritten on every reboot



You can try the following method:


I'm trying to get started on porting. But for now, I'm busy supporting the modification of the original firmware.


Ok. The firmware mod is awesome btw.

thank you! the mod is awesome.
the only problem that i have is that the vpn section does not work. it connect to the server but does not route the traffic through the VPN server.

The mod does not affect any things relevant to the VPN. Flash stock 3.0.36 and reset the settings. After that, check how the VPN works. The behavior on the mod and on the stock should not differ.

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the vpn works fine on stock firmware but not on the mod but that's not a problem. I connect to vpn on my devices separately.
Thank you again for the mod firmware. the WIFI improvements are massive!
Do you think there is any way to add OpenVPN support to the mod firmware?

I apologize that the VPN was broken in mod. If you don't mind, please fill in the ticket with the logs on

OpenVPN is a userspace software, so I don't see any reason why it won't work. If you are ready for testing, then I can try to build OpenVPN.
I have already built a tcpdump for my mod at the request of a 4pda community member. I think there will be no big issues with OpenVPN either.

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Don't mind it. you have done an awesome job with the wifi and made our life much more easier.

I am ready but I do not have much knowledge about how to put openVPN in the mod but I can help with testing.

BTW I have mi wifi app on iOS up and running by doing this:

  1. set the location of router to Australia
  2. change the location of the app to Australia (if you location is set to australia just choose another location and put it back to AUS)
  3. clear cache of the app
  4. pair the router with the app

Hi, I have installed also the mod. The wifi is now much better.
But the app does not work with the modded firmware.
Is there a way to configure the guest wifi without the app?

Hello Eisaev

Thanks for your work.
I am following your guide and plz tell me, what the steps do:

Patch Bdata Partition (on router)

Patch art Partition (for black version only; on router)

Once again, thank you

It is described in the table of content part:

" - patching art partition on the black version of the router to equalize the 2.4 GHz WiFi transmission power limits with the white version - patching Bdata partition to remove some restrictions (SSH access, access to the u-boot console, etc.)"


This patch changes the values of the following parameters in the Bdata partition:

  • CountryCode=CN - sets the Chinese region to remove some restrictions in the international version of the router
  • ssh_en=1 - sets the SSH server activation flag (this is not really necessary on the mod and not enough on the stock, so just for uniformity)
  • uart_en=1 - enables input on the UART console
  • boot_wait=on - enables waiting for input at boot to log in to the u-boot console

Changes the 2.4 GHz transmission power limits on the black version to the levels in the Chinese (white) version of the router.


Hello there
I'm new to the forum
I have a lot of experience flashing and messing with mobile phones, especially xiaomi but I have never done it in a router so please excuse my noobie questions
I recently bought a black AC2350 and I am rather dissapointed with its range
I red and figured out that the way to solve it is to do the modifications that are in the link but I can not understand how to do them.
Do I connect the router to the PC with a UTP cable or it's not necessary ?
Do I have to do all the steps?
What does it mean you do some of the steps on PC and some on the router?
In some steps it says that it is needed only once. Do I have to repeat other steps?

Is it possible to make a video for the procedure?
Please forgive me for being such a noob

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