SUPERMICRO A1SAM-2750F will OpenWrt run on it?

This board is for sale on the local market. Ticks all the bells for me, just not sure if it's compatible with openwrt ..

C2000 SoC, check if this was ever fixed

thans, was't aware of the issue. Better look for the other options then.

The failure is caused by a secondary thing and afaik some technicians did find a hardware workaround that works and fixes the problem.

So most of those boards can be revived and fixed by a hardware mod, it's soldering a 220 ohm resistor between two pins on a serial or TPM header (where those pins are used can vary depending on the board, but it is low-speed serial lines that are easily available to do this mod). So yeah you lose a debug serial port or a TPM port for this mod.

This person has done it on that board and provides information on what pins you should use

for other boards you can google it, there is people that has done this fix on most supermicro, asrock rack and Synology NAS devices.

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