Sunxi, SATA write speed patch

Dear developers,
I have been using OpenWrt with Lemaker's Banana Pro. It works wonderful for a router & minidlna server.
Lately I read about kernel patch for Allwinner A20,
link below :

It makes the sata write speed improvement up to 100+ MB/s.
How to make this patch work on OpenWrt ?
Or any plan to include this patch to next openwrt version? Thanks

This patch is in mainline linux since 5.3. Next OpenWRT release should have this patch.
It should be easy to backport it to snapshot. Do you have hardware for tests?

Hi, thanks for your response.
I just have one for my daily use.
How can i help for the test?


  1. Make test with latest snapshot (dd, iozone etc.)
  2. Build image with patch:
git clone
git checkout sunxi_sata_fifo
make package/symlinks
make menuconfig
#select target and board
make -j9
  1. make tests.
  2. Post here your results :slight_smile:

Then I can open Pull Request.

Hi olek210, thanks for the guide.
The patch definitely make improvements for sata write speed.
This is the result screenshots before and after patched using dd.

Pull Request