Suggestions for a new router? (1200ac+, simultaneous multi-band wifi)

Currently have a Linksys 1200ac router but am in need of another router since one of the ports (as I've discovered) is limited to 100m instead of 1g for some reason. So, looking to make it an upgrade in the process.

Looking for a recommended router that is better than the Linksys 1200ac. Preferably faster than 1200, faster CPU and more memory. At least one USB port that can be used for phone tethering (if necessary) and, if possible, something that isn't awkwardly shaped that prevents something from sitting on top of it.

While I'm not opposed to getting a router that has something like Bluetooth capability, it's also not likely a feature I would use. In short, I don't care if it has it or not, so it's not a requirement. Just in case anyone wonders if it's a desired feature I forgot to mention.

At the same time, wanting low cost. I'm not expecting something for $50 by any means, but not looking to spend $300 neither. A top quality budget router that would be an upgrade to what I am using now.


ETA: Big reason I'm not just going with another Linksys is the 5G wireless issue. Tired of waiting half a day (not literally) for the 5G to be accessible.

To clarify: If it's a Linksys that suffers the 5G issue (Marvel chipset for wireless), then I'm trying to avoid it. If it's a Linksys that doesn't have that issue, then I'm okay with it. So not avoiding Linksys itself, just the models that have the issue.

ETA: In the U.S., as that may be of importance.

turis omnia is something on the top line you can get for openwrt based device.

Well I was totally gonna suggest you Linksys E8450, which has snapshot support, WiFi 6, and a very reasonable price of $80. But since you don't want another Linksys I think you should look at Belkin RT3200, which also has snapshot support, WiFi 6, and a very reasonable price of $80.

"Both" the Linksys E8450 and the Belkin RT3200 wouldn't allow something to sit on top of them, but they might be able to sit on top of another device.

I clarified my mention of Linksys some. It's the fact of using the Marvel chipset for wireless connections. Regardless of the brand of router, if it can get the 5G wireless up as quick as the 2.4G, then it's a potential candidate.

So it's not against Linksys itself, but rather the Marvel chipset because of the 5G issue.

Edit: Where are you seeing them for $80?