Suggestion for a router with best support

guys .....
I am looking for buying a low range router with a good opensource firmware support. Never tried any openwrt or like that so really new for that kind of stuff but highly enthusiast to do that.
I love to have opensource software or os is possible.
So hope to have some help.
here is screenshot i took i want suggestion please do.
i find some devices that i want to purchases
find them in
this if from dd-wrt

Mainly D-Link dir 825 or
Tp-Link A6 C6 C50 C60 or maybe cheapout to C20
I don't know much about the brand of processors and on so really can't understand what to buy i find this device models firmwares available in openwrt as i have added the link.

Plenty of low-cost options available (even more if you include the second hand markets), but if you want advice, you need to specify what kind of performance/ features you expect for the given budget. The problem is, these days wan speeds get faster and faster, just like the expectations in regards of sqm (QoS) or VPN usage, but the low-cost devices often can't deliver that at reasonable speeds - so there are more selection points than 'just' the price.

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I have mentioned 3devices which i like most
And can you tell me how good support is in D-Link 841

You've mentioned more than three, and the 841 isn't supported, at all.

Some versions of the 825 are.


But as @slh said, the use case would be good to know.

DD-Wrt is no reference unfortunately, as they (used to) support lots of Broadcom devices. The better question would be what your needs are and what is available in your country.

If you have this options what will you suggeste to buy fpr easy install and stuff.
I don't need vpn or any feature like that maybe firewall that is what i need and just use 2devices with lan and 3-4 on wireless that is all.
I find some on

Yes, but your internet speed has an influence on what device to buy/recommend, hence the request to provide more info.

Sure right now i have a 150mb connection.
I may upgraded to a higher 300mbps.

Not 100% sure, but I don't think those devices are capable of routing 300mbit.

100 to 150mbps max maybe 300 but as as you said it can't then thinking of 150mbps and wpa3 support which one should be good