Suggested VPN for Netflix

I travel a lot in my work and use hotspots or small hotel wifi, I tend to take my OpenWRT router with me as it boosts the signal and I tend to use Roku or similar device

Now Netflix are having fun with me because the second screen is mine for travelling which stops me getting all the recommendations for the Mrs.

Netflix thinks I am from a different household every time I travel, so I am wondering if anyone has implemented a VPN within OpenWRT to get around this, I have another OpenWRT router at home so all I want to do is have my travelling router connect to the one at home so I stop having this issue.

Which is the best VPN for this purpose
Any tips on how to configure the recommended VPN software would be gratefully received.

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I'd highly recommend using Wireguard as the VPN protocol, and configuring it in the "road warrior" use case. This will allow you to use your phone (iOS or Android), your computer (Linux, Mac, Windows), or an OpenWrt travel router to tunnel all your traffic back through your home.

Your home router will operate as the 'server' peer. This will work as long as you have a public IP address and your ISP doesn't block ports/services.