Suggested packet filtering architecture

Hi all, new to the group, old to programming.

Working on a powerful parental freedom platform that has open-source apis/sdks and free usage for devs. Part of that involved building a plugin for openWRT that allowed you to associate MAC with a child and a child account on the parental freedom platform. This would then provide centralized management of limits and quotas, bans, allowances, rewards, chores, etc.

So the architecture I used on that proof of concept had 2 parts. The first was a kernel mod to capture and make fast decisions on packets based on source / etc. That would use a Unix pipe to communicate with an admin process (daemon) in user space. This daemon had the guts of the integration, caching and logic/etc to manage the system, and the daemon would ask and get fast responses at the packet level to control the data flow or drop packets. Sort of a firewall on steroids.

Then a LuCI interface of course for initial auth/connection and basic settings for the api connection/device assignments.

So I have 2 questions:

  1. any advice from the more seasoned router firmware veterans and gurus on this approach. Could it be better architected? Need to anchor it down to start work on the port for lede.
  2. is anyone interested in getting involved? If so, let me know, currently getting people joining the effort from all over the world to integrate all sorts of things.
    Have a WordPress plugin almost ready to go, a WeMo integration to apply quotas to lights and fans for lazy kids that leave the lights on, and a few more.

Thanks for any interest and help.