Suggest a good access point <100 €/$

I have a internet gigabit connection (well, ~930 Mbit/s) and I'd like to update my wireless connection (I know, I cannot have THAT speed with wifi).
So here I'm asking you to suggest me a good access point (I don't need router/switch/etc..).

On the new access point, I want to advertise multiple SSIDs, each associated with a different VLAN (well, with openwrt seems pretty easy).

My ideal access point should have:

  • ideally <= 100 $/€ .
  • at least 1 Ethernet port with Gbit connection (I don't need more ports, I've already a good switch)
  • good coverage with 2.4 GHz, my flat is about 70m2. Some areas are behind 3/4 walls.
  • good speed with 5Ghz. Usually I'm 1-2 meter far from the AP. Sometime I can be 8 meter away, with a thin wall in the middle.
  • "easy" to install openwrt. I mean, I've moved and here I (still) don't have: tools for disassembling, serial adapters, etc.. .
  • support IPv4/IPv6 (well, AFAIK this is not a problem with OpenWrt)
  • I live in Europe, so usually I use amazon and sometimes ebay.

Actually I've found interesting:

  • tp-link RE450. Unlucky on Amazon I can get version v3, which is not supported by openwrt.
  • tp-link archer c6/c7 . I have still some doubts.

Thank you for your time,

I was looking between:

  • Ubiquity UAP-AC-LITE (but it seems that not all hw versions alre compatible with openwrt)
  • tp-link archer c7 AC1750 (but I don't need router/switch)

which would you reccomend me more?

Thank you,

Go with the Ubiquity or something like a TP-Link EAP245 and just leave the stock firmware on there.

Thank you for your response.

Yep, I was also considering EAP245 which seems pretty good, and someone is working on openwrt support.
My only concern was about IPv6, seems to have some problem with broadcast packets with VLAN. Otherwise, your adive is very good.

Thank you,

i would also suggest Ubiquity UAP-AC-Lite - i would just use their stock software to set it up. is a bit of a learning curve, youtube videos help (crosstalk solutions helped me a lot), but is well worth it. i set mine up about 2 to 3 years ago and have only touched it to upgrade firmware (just to keep it up to date). never had a single issue and it works great. have installed several more for friends.

Ruckus R700/Cisco 3702 - no options