Suggest a best OpenWrt router

Hello Guys,
My requirement router should has usb3 port, atleast 128mb flash, easy to recover if anything goes wrong with flash, i need this for learning and experimental purpose using openwrt.
Thats why router should be easy to recover if anything goes wrong.


x86 or something that boots off a SD card, those are practically unkillable,


You mean rapsberry pi?

Asus RT-AC58U, new or used, cost effective.

there are others, but the RPi would be one of those.

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Please suggest which has inbuilt wifi adaptor to make it possible

I think it's not has usb3

to make what possible ?

Roqos RC10
Trustwave TS-25

if you don't worry about killing the boot loader, D7800 or Archer C2600.

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@RadioOperator how we can fix it if anything goes wrong? Is this has easy steps to fix it?

AC58U v1 is USB 3.0, sure!
But the newest version V2 / V3 USB2.0, V2 still not complete, V3 unknown:

Agreed @frollic ,same question,can we fix it easily it's in boot loop or not able to ping router?

the x86es, sure, the boot loop too, unless you accidentally kill the boot loader (or for wifi, the ART partition)

Everything is possible. You are in openwrt world, all ways you have to know.

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@RadioOperator, If everything is possible, i have an router which blinking led 3 times in every 5 minutes
Its Linksys ea8100v2. I have tried many things described on Linksys website but not able to restore it. I am not able to ping it so i lose my control on it. You please suggest if everything is possible how I can recover it?

@frollic ,you mean any Intel PC with lower configuration? It will be very costly and not possible to carry full machine for openwrt.

Dear @RadioOperator , its not available in India. If I important it then how I can fix if I lose my control and not able to ping it?

Such ~ or <US$100 devices, always think it's a tools / toys, do not wast time for a damaged set.

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@frollic , Many thanks for your suggestion but all not available in India and ac2600 don't have usb

In India, Xiaomi router is a good choice.

Xiaomi: lower cost / large marketing qty. / hi-production quality

Xiaomi don't have usb 3. Again same question in my mind how I can recover if I lost ping control. Till now I bought 3 routers and everytime I lost ping control and return it
Sorry, but now I am totally frustrated :persevere:
Don't want to buy any router which I can't recover so guys please suggest a batter choice.