Successor for Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H

Hey there.

I've red some posts, googled two days. But i'm not quite sure what could be the successor for my Buffalo router. It was THE recommendation 10 years back, and still does its job well. But while years came by, i thought a new one could solve some problems, mainly wifi range not properly hitting in my bedroom.

Single household, 50mbit DSL in germany. Could be upgraded to 100mbit some days, but for me alone it seems ridiculous to pay double or tripple to just speed up my downloads happening 1/30 the time. I do home automation though, with around 15 wifi sockets at 2,4ghz, two pis, a smart tv + one stick, a smartphone and three laptops. Using sqm and vlan if this does matter.

The new router shouldn't be a downgrade and shouldn't cost 200€+. I know, its a bad time to buy hardware atm. But the devices below 100€ (like the buffalo was back then) seem less powerful than my old boy.

  • TP-Link Archer c7 a7 and what variations are out there. Has half the flash my buffalo has.
  • GL.iNet GL-B1300 has no antennas, reading the throughput reduces drastically with range. I don't rly know if this a antenna thing anyway

are there any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

TP-Link EAP235-wall or EAP245 as access points and Ubiquiti Edgerouter-X as router. The ERX can easily do 30Mbps SQM. The access points run on Power over Ethernet, so if you if you need more than 4 LAN ports (access points + other computers), then get a PoE switch. If you don't need more than 4 LAN ports, someone might be able to recommend a router with PoE ports. I don't know any.

EDIT: I used ER-X on a 30/3M VDSL and it handled it easily. It should be capable of much more.

Change from one box to two boxes seems like a downgrade to me. 30mbps seems low too. I use two lan ports atm. 4 should be default, for future extension.

50-100 MBit/s is still 'easy' for contemporary devices, including your WZR-HP-AG300H - the only real benefit you'd get would be on the wireless side (albeit quite significant ones) with 802.11ac/ wave2 or 802.11ax. Don't expect that much of an increase in total range (that's more or less capped by regulatory power limits, which didn't change within the last decade), but you will get better throughput and better performance over the range (especially on 5 GHz, not really that much on 2.4 GHz).

Your options would be:

  • ath79 with 802.11ac (typically wave1) wireless, not really an upgrade though.
  • mt7621a (faster SOC than ath79, wireless is a bit more hit- or miss, depending on the exact chipset and your devices)
  • ipq40xx (VLAN support is a bit 'special' here, but performance and support are pretty good)
  • ipq8065 (here I would recommend ipq8065 over ipq8064, because of the added benefit of 802.11ac/ wave2 over wave1)
  • mt7622bv+mt7915 (Linksys EA8450/ Belkin rt3200), the first supported 802.11ax device (snapshots only for the time being)
  • ipq807x could become interesting (with some rather tempting cheap options, e.g. xiaomi ax3600), but support is still being worked on and not going as smoothly as everyone hopes

In terms of wireless coverage, you'd probably gain most by adding a second AP (ideally wired to the main router) covering the weaker areas of the house.

Sorry to bring this up again, and sorry for not saying thank you for your answers at the end.
Finally, my WZR-HP-AG300H died. Or at least, the switch did (after some sunny days on the windowsill). Wifi was still okay, wan port too. No connection to my raspi or my bosch hub anymore, nor to my laptop after plugging it in. After an update from 19 to 21 and a config reset, i wasn't able to set it up anymore. RIP my friend, we had nearly 15 good years.

Now i did some research and found that the xiaomi ax3600 is nearly ready, or at least there are prebuilt images. Another candidate was the totoLink AC4300 A8000RU. There are some offers out there under 100€, but they seem out of reach for me in germany. Others are 200+.

So it seems i go for the xiaomi. Or should i wait for a shot on the totolink? Or are there other ideas, now that we are nearly 6 months later? Thank you very much