Successor for a WNDR 3800 needed

So far I'm using an old WNDR 3800 if I'm on the road, for vacation etc.

As the line speeds keep increasing, the VPN throughput via Wireguard (around 30 MBps) is getting a bit annoying.

So I'd like to replace the router. Wireless throughput is not very important.
I like the compact, antenna-less configuration of the WNDR 3800.

So, are there any recommendations for a suitable router which is similar but more powerful?
Doesn't have to be new, any cheap and used option is preferred.

but you still need wifi, or ?

Yes, but I'd prefer a small setup and not those routers with 18 antennas attached to it.
As I said, the WNDR 3800 doesn't have external antennas and is doing a ok job.
Anything Wifi 5 will do.

In my world, the 3800 isn't small, those gl.inet devices are :wink:

WAX202 / 206 ?
Zyxel Multy M1 ?

I'm aware of the gl.inet devices and maybe I will try find a suitable one.
And thanks for the two other recommendations.
I birefly checked the Zyxel M1: Is that single core MIPS CPU way more performant than the CPU on the WNDR 3800? Do you know any Wireguard performance figures for those devices?

for the wax206 you could probably find it in the big 206 thread, or ask for it there.

for reference, a Gl.inet AR750 is delivers just about the same wireguard speed
as your 3800.

if you don't mind something bigger, I think the WRX36 does WG at 800mbit.

Thanks for the hints so far.
Availability in Germany seems to be a bit of a problem. Some devices were probably never sold on this market here.
Zyxel seems to be available, I will try to find out something about Wireguard performance.

Oh, just realized the Zyxel device has a dual-core CPU. So this will be an improvement for sure.
Found some NOS items for a good price, will give it a try.

Maybe have a read through a (short) rather similar thread first (the archer c7 would already be an incremental upgrade relative to your wndr3800, so you seem to basically be in the same boat).

You may have more nuanced needs, but that thread at least provides a starting point for this one.

you might find Let's talk about VPN performance useful.

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Here is a quick update.
I received today a new Zyxel Multy M1 for 30€ plus delivery, so a really good price. They are sold in packs and the person selling it was not in need for it anymore.

I setup OpenWrt on it (23.05.0-rc3) and ran a test via Wireguard.
Throughput it much better at appr. 140 Mbps. But I assume the bottleneck now is the Fritzbox 7530 serving as the Wireguard peer. htop shows free resources on the CPU.
I will repeat some tests some days later on a different Wireguard peer.

Anyway, the speed is already very fine for the intended purpose. Wifi seems to be working well at a quick glance.

Thanks a lot for the hint, much appreciated.

a good deal indeed.


please post your results in the other thread, noting the Fritzbox might be stopping you from achieving max throughput.