Substitute for Ubiquity AirOS antenna align tools?


With all the noise around the recent KRACK (pun intended), I figure it might be time to upgrade my Ubiquity Loco M2 (XM platform) to something more recent than its 2yo stock firmware. AirOS 6 is a no-go, no lock-out for me, thank you very much.

However, upgrading it to LEDE means that I'll lose the AirOS features, and there are some that I'd prefer not to: the antenna alignment tools. Signal strength, CCQ, noise floor, area scanning can also be useful. I don't really care for AirView.

Is there any optional packages in the LEDE repos that provide similar functionality?


Update (case closed).

From my readings, there are two issues when one wants to switch an XM to OpenWrt/LEDE:
1- the "only signed firmwares are allowed" issue, introduced in AirOS 6.0.6
2- the flash reorganization introduced in AirOS 5.6.

(1) seems not to be an issue, given that Ubiquiti provides signed versions of AirOS that predates 6.0.6.
The solution for (2) is also quite well documented [0]

If bad comes to worst, there a known alternative that fixes both issues at once [1].

I ended up just upgrading to the current AirOS 6.1.2 for now. When the time comes where OpenWrt/LEDE is preferable, I know I can go back. Case closed. Thanks for reading.

[0] Read the orange "warning" box at