Subdir patch for target

Currently we use backport hack and pending structure only for generic target.

I wonder if it's possible to use the same structure with target dir and why it's not used. This would make kernel version bump easier as patches that are backported will be put in a separated for.

@hnyman can you help me with this?

No real idea about it.
The hack/pending/backport structure is rather new. Only some 3 years old.
@blogic implemented it in mid-2017

Splitting the targets similarly might cause additional work/trouble, and was not done at that time.

I think that a light-weight version might be to clearly name the backports and thus group them together in the target patch directory.

Currently the advanced directory structure can't be used inside targets, as the commit in 2017 only defined the structure for generic. See the build infra changes in;a=commit;h=74d00a8c3849c1340efd713eb94b786e304c201f

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So in theory if someone wants to implement that the makefile needs to be modified

Based on that commit from 2017, the necessary files are:


Make a custom patch function should be sufficient...
I will try to add support for subtarget
In your opinion this could be helpful?

To be honest, it might complicate things, as not all targets would likely adopt that.
(And I am not quite that sure how many actual backports there are for most targets)

If you want to try it, you might start by defining just a backport directories and support from them. And leave the hack/pending unimplemented, so that the current "patches" would serve for those.

But I would prefer the naming approach.

What is the naming approach

Name the actual few backports clearly so that the backport-source linux version is shown.

|-rw-r--r-- |1358 |700-v5.1-net-phylink-only-call-mac_config-during-resolve-when.patch |blob | history | raw|
|-rw-r--r-- |1916 |701-v5.2-net-phylink-ensure-inband-AN-works-correctly.patch |blob | history | raw|
|-rw-r--r-- |1774 |702-v4.20-net-ethernet-Add-helper-for-MACs-which-support-asym-.patch |blob | history | raw|
|-rw-r--r-- |2275 |703-v4.20-net-ethernet-Add-helper-for-set_pauseparam-for-Asym-.patch |blob | history | raw|

Maybe like "700-backport-v5.1-asdljfoasdfj.patch"
Or even like "001-backport-v5.1-700-asdljfoasdfj.patch"

So that they would be identified/grouped clearly.