Struggling With Scout Project

Hi all

First time user and poster here, so we have a BT home hub 5 flashed with OpenWRT and LEDE GUI. I’ve been trying to setup the following:

Uplink to BT router which is
LAN which is
Guest which is (Isolated)

Then two WIFI networks a management one linked to LAN and a guest one linked to guest.

A base firewall which generally allows everything for now, and then we can change it and lock it down.

I’ve encountered a bunch of weird issues, such as everything is working but no internet on the lan or the guest - but the OpenWRT can ping and trace route the internet.

I have relatively good networking knowledge, but I’m really getting confused by what else is going on here. Not sure if anyone has a similar setup which they could provide a config for?

Any and all help appreciated and happy to upload screenshots and my config.

Thanks in advance



Hi, thanks for your reply. Attached are some images as per your post.

Sorry for all the posts I can only upload one pic a time as a new user. The weird thing is we have port forwarding in place and can get into the router remotely and configure this and hit another machine. It’s just those machines cannot talk out to the internet


uci show network
uci show firewall
ip a; ip r; ip ru

Shouldn’t be better to upgrade LUCI to https and change the port if it is open on WAN ?

Copy the text from the window and paste it between triple backquotes rather than screenshot