Strange WiFi signal readings for ipq40xx devices

Hello folks. I noticed a strange discrepancy in the receive signal levels on a ipq40xx SoC WiFi-5 GHz.
Tested on many ipq40xx devices: Mikrotik hAP-ac2, hAP-ac3, GL-Inet B1300, Teltonika RUTX11, WF-HR1901, Asus-RT-58U.
Everywhere the RX signal is approximately the same, but differs from the desired one by +10 dBm!
I will give an example for Mikrotik hAP-AC3:

I tested it on the latest 22.03.2 image from OpenWrt as well as on the image of my own build from sources. The result is the same!
WiFi modulations on both RouterOS and OpenWrt is kept at 400/300Mbps.
But here the signal level on OpenWrt is displayed as: { CH0: -74, CH1: -76, Noise: -106 }, and at the same time RouterOS on the same device shows: { CH0: -64, CH1: -66, Noise: -106 }
An android tablet also shows a signal of -60 dBm in this place. So OperWrt is clearly distort the RX signal level by +10 dBm for the worse.

Judging by the performance and modulations of the WiFi, this does not affect the work in any way. Apparently, this is simply not the correct display of the signal?

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?