Strange logs when i switch off the wifi

Hello i use a davidc502 configuration.
when i disable my wifi, i have this in the logs multiple times
Sat Aug 24 22:18:09 2019 kernel: [ 52.710126] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): tmp.radio0: link is not ready
what to do here? i have no IPV6 implemented at all

“info” - A couple notches below “warning”, the level where it's generally worth considering if something to resolve.


That notice is normal and expected behaviour, it always takes a few seconds before IPv6 connectivity can be established.

ok even if info level, shutting down the wifi should not generate these bunch of logs, something i get some hundreds of them when i log into Luci -

That is a normal kernel message, emitted whenever an interface goes up. You'll see it on every linux distribution released within the last 20 years, wind mills straight ahead until La Mancha.

  • Are any of your client machines IPv6 enabled?

For the logs, @slh is correct as this is normal.

None of my machines are ipv6 enabled. I wish my ISP would implement ipv6, but they just haven't yet.

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The tmp.radio0: link is not ready messages are triggered by LuCI / libiwinfo when it spawns a temporary interface to perform things like wireless scans or wifi capability querying. The repeated log messages are likely occurring because you have a browser tab open with some self refreshing status page.


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