Story of the day - Is MIPS dead?

In an article dated April 19, Semiwiki reports Wave Computing has now filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy letting all employees go.

And Hacker News discussion:

It's interesting because most of processors for routers (like 90%) are MIPS based.

…not any medium- to high-end ones designed over the last 4-5 years.

Broadcom: Northstar (ARMv7/ ARMv8), Strata (ARMv7/ ARMv8)
Marvell: ARMADA 370/ 380 (ARMv7), ARMADA 3700/ 7040/ 8048 (ARMv8)
Mediatek: mt7623 (ARMv7), mt7622 (ARMv8)
Qualcomm-Atheros: ipq40xx (ARMv7), ipq806x (ARMv7), ipq807x (ARMv8)

ARM replacing MIPS. Sounds legit.

All of the listed processors are pretty powerful. There are lower end ARM solutions.

Some medium routers uses MIPS dual-core, but now majority are ARM based.

Situation is different on low-end devices where MIPS is clear winner there.

And update:

In short - probably no more new chips.

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