Still possible to add users through UCI instead of useradd?

According to the following wiki page, adding users through uci instead of useradd was once feasible:

That page is however currently marked as outdated, and has no specific instructions on how to proceed.

Can anybody please elucidate if this is still a viable option and how to proceed?

Uhm, such a facility never was part of any OpenWrt release. It seems that file was specific to racoon of ipsec-tools which got dropped by now. So no, there is no way to add users through uci (*)

*) Unless you mean additional logins for LuCI, in this case it suffices to setup further logins in `/etc/config/rpcd`

I need to add users for authenticating to network shares.

Guess installing shadow-useradd is the only way ahead, then.

Thank you.

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