Status of WAC510 port

I've got a few WAC510's I'd like to flash with OpenWrt and get rid of the stock firmware.

I can see @7604timo and @robimarko were working on adding support for this device, but I can't find any info on whether it's ready for prime time or not. Or if it's currently possible to flash via the stock web UI.

I attempted to rebase Robert's WAC510-4.19 branch on master, and after a few tweaks, it does start flashing through the web UI, but somewhere along the line it seems to fail, and it reboots to stock. Unfortunately my UART adapter is broken, and until the new one arrives I can't really debug this.

If either of you, or someone else that's familiar with these can chip in, that'd be much appreciated.

I need to rebase it on 5.4 and will make a PR then.
Web UI flashing will be removed as it does not work on later stock FW, they changed the image checking completely.

Also, it will not work at all even in older versions as Netgear does weird stuff with partition layout.

Oh nice. Glad to hear it.
Of course they did sighs. So are UART they one true way to flash on these then?

Yes, only reliable way