Status of WAC510 port

I've got a few WAC510's I'd like to flash with OpenWrt and get rid of the stock firmware.

I can see @7604timo and @robimarko were working on adding support for this device, but I can't find any info on whether it's ready for prime time or not. Or if it's currently possible to flash via the stock web UI.

I attempted to rebase Robert's WAC510-4.19 branch on master, and after a few tweaks, it does start flashing through the web UI, but somewhere along the line it seems to fail, and it reboots to stock. Unfortunately my UART adapter is broken, and until the new one arrives I can't really debug this.

If either of you, or someone else that's familiar with these can chip in, that'd be much appreciated.

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I need to rebase it on 5.4 and will make a PR then.
Web UI flashing will be removed as it does not work on later stock FW, they changed the image checking completely.

Also, it will not work at all even in older versions as Netgear does weird stuff with partition layout.

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Oh nice. Glad to hear it.
Of course they did sighs. So are UART they one true way to flash on these then?

Yes, only reliable way

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Just picked up a refurbished unit at a very good price.

Similar to a Linksys EA6350 v3.

Have you had time/interest to look at this yet? If not, do you have any notes on how to flash, so I can have a try myself? I'd really like to get rid of the stock garbage this summer.


Thanks for reminding me to rebase the branch.
No instructions as there is no current working branch available

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I have a WAC505. Since the original firmware is the same for WAC505 and WAC510, I can't wait to check it on WAC505, if available.

Will we be able to use nmrpflash to get OpenWrt on this device once available?

Most likely, nice tool

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I know your very busy but any news on the rebase/port?


Did you get any further getting OpenWRT up and running?

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Figured I'd try my hand at this myself seeing as robimarko doesn't seem to have the time/interest for this.
I rebased the newest branch from his repository onto master and fixed the conflicts there. Builds fine at least.

Haven't been able to get UART working properly though, so I can't test it. RX works, so I see the output, but TX doesn't so i can't interrupt the boot process to TFTP boot an OpenWrt image.


TX is rather picky, for me, it only works with a random adapter.
I tested 3-4 before finding one that works.

Thanks for this, when I get some time I'll give it a test.

Does nmrpflash not work on this device?

Dont know, I have not tried it.

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Ah OK, thanks. I tried with two different adapters, but no luck with those.
Guess I'll have to order some new ones then.

Edit: Order 3 variants hopefully arriving next week

I did try flashing stock FW with that. Didn't have any luck with it. Although I might've been connected to the wrong port. Couldn't see any mention of NMRP in the bootlog though, not sure if that's to be expected.

I tried nmrpflash against a WAC505 today without any success. May be there is no NMRP stack at U-boot :frowning:

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Compared GPL archives between R6800 (which is known to support NMRP) and WAC505/510. The R6800 archive contains references to NMRP while the one for our devices doesn't. So I assume that sadly NMRP aren't an option on these devices.

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