Status of the snmp and mini-snmp packages

there are two the two packages "snmp" and "mini-snmp".

I hardly find any documentation. Are the packages still being maintained?

I have problems with both packages:
"snmp": I change the WiFi interface numbers after changing the key
"mini-snmp": only 4 interfaces are possible. In addition, according to the documentation, the counts overflow to 32bit.

Refer to their version and repository.


Indexes change on Interface reloads. A fresh reboot will present the clean indexes for your config.

Yep, that's why I don't suggest it. Information on this is available by searching this forum:

Hope this helps.

thats the point. For the daily wlan-key (guest-wlan) a reload run every night.
(uci commit; /etc/init.d/network reload).
Is there a better way to active the wlan-key after changing in /etc/config/wireless?

I'm lost, are you saying that you re-key your interface every 24 hours?

That technically is an interface reconfig.

  • If you want the same indexes - reboot
  • Restarting snmpd may work; but the uptime changes