Status of Redmi AC2100/ MT7615

Hello, I've been thinking about replacing my second router/ap with something more modern since I've had some weird WiFi reliability issues, and I would also like to set up a proper roaming between my main router and this router is very tempting for its price (I have seen it selling for <30 euros including shipping). I have read that mt76 is under a heavy development, but how bad is it right now? Also, I have seen some WiFi 6 routers for not much more popping up, but afaik none of them support openwrt yet, might they be a better choice?

I'm using two MT7615 routers (DIR-878 A1 and R6800) as 5 GHz APs with a 2,4 GHz WDS in between. Very happy with them.

There's two 802.11ax devices supported by OpenWrt for now AFAIK, and both are MT7621 with MT7915 ax radios. No idea about the maturity of mt76 for the ax devices though.

I've been using a Redmi AC2100 router (the white one, though the black cylinder is more or less the same device) for two months now without complaints. I'm sure it'll get more mature, but seems already very promising.

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When you say you are using it for more than 2 months do you mean using the router with openwrt?