Statistics showing no graphs in 19.07(.1)

The statistics "tab" in the web interface (Luci) used to show me nice graphs, but now that I upgraded (via the corresponding webpage, which I assume uses sysupgrade) to 19.07 I see nothing there any more.

I can't remember having to do anything special to (re)activate the collectd/graphs last time I upgraded (from 17.01 to 18.06, IIRC), but just in case, I followed the instructions at, but to no avail. FWIW ps auxw | grep collectd tells me there's no collectd running, even after /etc/init.d/collectd start and /etc/init.d/luci_statistics start

This is a BT HomeHub 5a

Did you reinstall all the required packages?
Have you checked the current configuration?

Do you see any error messages from uci/luci or collectd in your system log?

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I believe so.

Duh! Thanks, logread indeed showed some error, which I managed to solve by erasing a part of /etc/collectd.conf which was apparently not correct (tho the error still isn't clear to me).