Static routing problem

Hi all,
this is my configuration,

my home subnet is
Now, I'd like to communicate with
In router 1 I set up the static route and in router 2 I installed OPENWRT.

In router 2 I have these settings:

Can anyone help me?

  • From where (I assume your statement means is the SRC of your tests)?
  • Are you experiencing an issue doing so?

You never say. You'll need to provide more information on what you're testing.

The routes you made are not clear (e.g. your route seems incorrect - which is why your test is likely not working, from your diagram, the interface is LAN), so I'll just suggest the following.

  • The Fritz needs two routes for: via <lan> gw and via <lan> gw
  • :point_right: The C7 needs a route for via <lan> gw

The corrected route for the C7 should fix your communication issue described in Post No. 1.

Yes the subnet is the source of my tests...
I am not able to ping any device in subnet from and vice versa.
The C7 already has this route:

Are wrong the routes in Router 2?

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I apologize. I mistook "router 2" to be the C7. Router 2 doesn't need any static routes, the upstream default route will work. So any static routes added to Router 2 are incorrect.

You just need the following:

sorry but whydo I need to modify the fritz? it is in subnet... I'm interested to .0.0 and .1.0...
many thanks for your reply

I understand.

If you're not concerned about the Fritz network(s) being able to reach the subnets, then just add the following:

Let us know your results.

from I can ping but not a laptop ( connected to the .1.0 lan...


  • Is this the firewall config from the R2?
  • Since you allow WAN to LAN on R2, did you open the firewall on the host
  • Is this new - that you're able to ping (you don't say - can we see the C7 routes)?
  • Did you remove the static route in R2?
  • Do you have other hosts to test?

I removed all static routes in R2.
This is the static route in R1:
How can I disable firewall for If is it possible I would like to disable firewall at all...
same problem with another device ( I can ping .1.20 from .1.179 but not from .0.0 subnet

This is is a screenshot of the middle C7, correct (apologies, the theme seems to be changing and there's no ID numbers or "Status" button on OpenWrt's theme)?

  • You would have to follow the instructions of your Operating System of your hosts. You can also test traceroute to the DST IPs
  • You'll need to answer the inquiry about the firewall (allowing WAN to LAN) on the last Archer C6 - it's not clear from the screeshots if you showed the Archer C6's firewall

This is the Archer C6, correct?

my 2nd and 3th reply are of R2

This is traceroute to

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Thank for the clarity.

Please provide the results of a traceroute/mtr [*nix] or tracert [Windows] -

  • To: and
  • From: subnet

I see you provided a trace.

Also please answer:

Does your R1 (Archer C7) firewall permit forwarding on LAN [interfaces]?

On an OpenWrt - it looks like this:


Also verify after adding the C7 route:

R1 routes:

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TRaceroute to

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That's OK.

  • You'll need to verify the R1's firewall:


I think R1 has firewall disabled:

About nat e forwarding R1 has this options: