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I'm using a dlink dwr-921 router model c3. I've got a sim card with a static ip however when the router resets the public ip changes. Apparently the apn is correct (tried it on an adroid device and worked fine). Is there any other config i should do to it?

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  • I'm lost...if you have a static IP, how does it change?
  • Can you better describe the problem?
  • Are you asking if there's a setting needed on the OpenWrt?
  • Did you set Interface with a static IP on the OpenWrt?

Never heard about static IP for a mobile broadband from any provider... Which country are you from? Which provider?

I'm from spain and the provider is movistar

The problem is that even having configured the apn as the isp specified to get a Static Public IP, it still changes when the router restarts. when i configure the same apn on an android device it works fine (the public ip does not change even if turn on or off the device). So my question is if apart from configuring the wdm0 dev to work with that apn there is something else that has to be configured on the router to prevent the static IP from changing.

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  • Which IP do you get with the DWR-921?
  • Which IP do you get with the android?
  • Have you contacted your provider to check the status of the sim and confirm that it is really registered for static IP (just to make sure that this can be excluded from the list of possible reasons for your problems)?
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Verify that your config doesn't contain extra options or incorrect escape sequences:

uci show network