Static IPv6 routes lost on PPPoE reconnect

Hi all,

I'm using x86 OpenWRT 23.03.2.

I configured a static IPv6 route in the WebUI to allow an IPv6 subnet to access the internet. It works well, the configuration snippet is as follows.

config route6
	option interface 'wan_6'
	option target '::/0'
	option gateway 'fe80::e224:7fff:fefb:908d'
	option metric '512'
	option source 'fd48:4842:e8d3:10::/60'

But my ISP forces PPPoE to reconnect every 7 days (logs below). After PPPoE reconnects, this static IPv6 route will disappear (it cannot be seen in the IPv6 routing table, but it still exists in the config file and WebUI). Then I need to disable/enable it in WebUI to solve this problem.

Mon Jun  5 15:59:56 2023 pppd[5299]: LCP terminated by peer
Mon Jun  5 15:59:56 2023 pppd[5299]: Connect time 10080.0 minutes.

Anyone know what's the problem?


Can someone help me?


well, it is strange that you need to adjust manually "default gateway" for IPv6

is link-local address

is your ULA address

now, i don't see any connection with PPPoE ???

Thank you for reply!

Per Luci Web, the target is required and the value ::/0 works fine, below is the IPv6 routing rule.

default from fd48:4842:e8d3:10::/60 via fe80::e224:7fff:fefb:908d dev pppoe-wan  metric 512

Yes, it is the link-local address of the IPv6 virtual dynamic interface (named wan_6), this virtual interface is automatically created after PPPoE connected.


Ignore it, I just posted the logs to clarify that my ISP provider terminates LCP session every 10080 minutes (7 days). And after that, the IPv6 static route has gone.

Any suggestions?

Well, maybe i am wrong, but ... my idea is that since PPPoE and WAN_6 are connected to WAN, if PPPoE broke down, now it is pure guess, i really never used PPPoE, that recovery will issue ifdow/ifup on WAN interface
then, when WAN goes down, WAN_6 will too, so static route get flushed

Agree. However, the IPv6 static route config still there. After the PPPoE connection is established, I think the static route rules should be re-applied automatically, right? But it seems not.

well, seems like hotplug scripts miss that part

my quick&dirty solution will be to make a small script and watch for route entry
if it is get flushed, then add it again ...
sry, it is my maximum :slight_smile:

Thank you guy. A custom script might be a workaround if nothing else.