Static IP with DynDNS

I need to reach a device on my network from the outside but I have a connection that, unfortunately, has a dynamic IP address...someone advised me to use a service like DynDNS, configuring the various devices on the network with portforwarding but I didn't understand how to do it exactly…can you help me?


I wanted to understand how this is practically done

What's probably the installation part of the guide above...

And if that's not what you're referring to, you need to be more specific.

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Simple steps.
You run a client on one of your devices, it checks your current allocated from ISP external address and updates the dynamic service with that. This will then be propagated to all the DNS servers so when you want to access you connect to the dynamic address in the form or similar.

I do this both in and out. I have a Pi at home that updates my dynamic address, I have separate dynamic addresses for my laptop and mobile, when I am away I update manually those address and a few minutes later the firewall at home updates to allow connections.

I have a router Linksys with openwrt on address…then I have another device on internal static address…what should I do to connect, from external source, to this address And which is the best dynamic service provider?

Punch a hole (port) in the fw, and forward the traffic coming in from WAN on that port, to the destination IP and port.

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Sounds like you are behind CGNAT, so you have the following options:

  • IPv6 if available.
  • ZeroTier, Tor, other overlay networks.
  • A cheap/free VPS with own VPN.
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@frollic has answered the how. As to the best provider, any of them will do, some are paid for some are free. Decide which you want and choose, make sure it is supported by OpenWrt and you can get your router to do the updates I only leave mine in my Pi because it predates my current router.

DDNS cannot help when the server is behind CGNAT.

There is no IPV6...I have an asic (cryptocurrency mining machine) connected to the router (with openwrt) and I would like to understand how to reach my asic even when I am not at home and therefore I am not connected to the same network as the I need to set up a VPN on my openwrt router?

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