State of MT7621 (or Yuncore/Kuwifi AX820 access points) in 2024


I'm looking for a wi-fi 6 access point to replace my TP-Link Archer C7 v2 and PC Engines APU2 which I currently use as access points. Going by the specs, the Yuncore AX820 seems to fit my bill. But I couldn't find much info about the real world experience with these and there are some old reports about VLAN and DSA-related issues which make me a bit hesitant. One example is this thread here:

So, my question is, do VLANs work reliably on this platform today? I'm basically looking for an AP that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, performs better than my current wi-fi 5 setup, and supports VLANs, so I can span 3-4 different networks for different groups of devices (such as trusted, guests, IOT, etc.) and have them transported on a VLAN trunk via 1 ethernet cable to my switch and main router/firewall.

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What do you have wall mounted? Archer C does not even have screw holes unnder.

I have both the Archer C7 and the APU2 wall mounted. For the Archer C7 I simply put cable ties through the venting holes in the back to form two loops and then I could hang it on the wall. (Btw when I first bought the Archer C7, I actually used it as a router placed on a sideboard, so I didn't consider wall mounting at that point. Today, I'd like to buy something that requires less of hack to get it on the wall and looks "cleaner" :wink: )

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Fair enough, there are no problems with mt76 DSA with stable releases. RC and snapshots sometimes contain experiments.

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