Start a service by 'nice'. How to?


I'd like to start a service 'minidlna' by nice in the script at '/etc/init.d/minidlna'.
How to modify it?

the core line 'service_start /usr/bin/minidlna -f "$MINIDLNA_CONFIG_FILE"'
cannot be
'nice service_start /usr/bin/minidlna -f "$MINIDLNA_CONFIG_FILE"'
'service_start nice /usr/bin/minidlna -f "$MINIDLNA_CONFIG_FILE"'.

Please advice me.

Or you can let me know how to 'renice'.

procd_set_param nice 19
procd_set_param command /usr/bin/minidlna -f "$MINIDLNA_CONFIG_FILE"

I thought that first, too, but minidlna is not yet using procd:

It needs to be converted first to procd.

you could look into modernising the minidlna package and converting its init script into using procd.