Starlink WiFi Router 2 runs LEDE

They just put out a GPL drop here, with reflashing instructions and docker support.


I see they are offering jobs and bug bounties

There were a few cve's in lede. But the currently exposed attack surface in this product is low. I do wish there was a tftp update method, but at least jtag and the emulator will make it much faster to modernize. Finding a near equivalent of this board already in the openwrt universe is on my mind... ?

Only device is the mt7629 reference board in snapshots and 21.02.1

At least lede can be built for it now.

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Building OpenWRT for the device is fairly easy. Flashing is the challenge since the device will not load unsigned images.

They provide JTAG however it's not really an viable option.. If you get the glass cover off without damaging the plastic then you'll find the PCB is literally melted into the plastic. Accessing the header requires cutting off the plastic tabs (preventing reassembly).

Maybe if someone designed a 3D printed case to hold the board after it's flashed.?

well a starting point might be finding some other mt7629 based device to hack on.

Like the Asus RT-AC65? Same wireless chips too (MT7761N/MT7762N).

The "SoC family" seems to be supported and SpaceX gives us the DTS/DTSI so it really should be an easy port (unless I missed something?). I just haven't put the time into it since it does not benefit me to have a raw PCB sitting on the desk :slight_smile: .

Even if we had an aftermarket case.. I don't assume that many users would be able to use the jtag flashing option. On the cheap side you could get a JTAGulator that works with OpenOCD but this is still over $100.

I don't know.. Hard to justify if I'm the only one who would use it.