STA mode roaming (19.07.7)

hello all.

I am running 19.7.7 on some alix2d2 boards. Each has two ath9k dual band cards, 256mb of memory & a 4GIG cf-card.

I am using these as mobile client devices on a large campus style network. (hundreds of AP's in a classic honeycomb setup) The problem I am running into is that the device seems to wait until the signal has dropped before it roams. not always, but enough to be very annoying. sometimes when it has dropped off, it seems to hang waiting for a connection. (anywhere from 10secs ~ 1 minute). when I check the logs after a hang, it looks like the wpa_supplicant is blacklisting the closest AP after a couple failed association attempts. (i would like to disable this behavior if possible.)

I came across a similar post that is now locked: Client roaming not working (Router in sta mode)

What have I tried:

As opposed to the linked question, as far as i can tell the full wpad for 19.7.7 on github has the options enabled for build-time. unless I am just missing something really simple to get this to work...

How do I tell in the logs when it is actually working? (I am assuming some sort of CTRL-EVENT should be showing up in the logs) or maybe need to set a higher logging verbosity?

If anyone can shed some light on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.
P.S i have no problem custom building firmware or modifying binaries to get this to work, just not sure where or how to proceed at this point.

Thanks in advance!

if anyone else runs into this:

it is working on 19.07.7 with no special binaries, and no need to rebuild anything.

You need the full wpad installed. you will need wpa-cli installed to debug.

edit /lib/netifd/ (line 937)

A reboot after this applied the new configuration. (down/up-ing wlan1 didn't work for me)

After rebooting from the terminal:

wpa_supplicant -dd -B -P /var/run/ -D nl80211 -i wlan1 -c /var/run/wpa_supplicant-wlan1.conf

Then open wpa_cli and you should see the CTRL-EVENTS associated with bgscan and autoscan.

I will do some testing and report back to this thread. but it seems like its working.
if anyone knows how to stop wpa_supplicant from temp blacklisting AP's, i think that would also help.

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