Sslsplit compilation dependency error

Hello, I'm trying to compile sslplit for OpenWrt, but during compilation I have some dependecies problem (noob in OpenWrt SDK here :slight_smile: )

To compile this package I'm using this Makefile from here .

I added a custom local repository containing the Makefile with the patches folder, in my feeds.conf.
Then I "./script/feeds update -a" and "./script/feeds install sslplit"
Then "make menuconfig" and I only select sslsplit and its dependecies are auto selected (I deselected the complete build, I only want the package).

But during the compilation I have dependencies error :

GNUmakefile:324: *** dependency 'libpcap' not found; install it or point LIBPCAP_BASE to base path. Stop.

and the compilation fails ...

I tried to add "libpcap" as :
DEPENDS:=+libpcap +libevent2 +libopenssl +libevent2-openssl +libevent2-pthreads +USE_MUSL:musl-fts
but this doesn't change anything...

Why do I have this error even if I add the dependency even as build dependency ?
How can I solve this error ?

Many thanks