SSID on separate VLAN

Currently I have 2 SSID's (a 2.4GHz SSID and a single 5GHz SSID for personal devices), but I want to create another 5GHz SSID to only be used for my work laptop and I would like this SSID to have its own separate VLAN so it cannot communicate with my other devices.

I tried the following:

Created Work SSID
Created device configuration VLAN 802.1q (eth0.1)
Created device configuration Bridge device (eth0 + eth0.1)
Created new interface, static address and assigned the Bridge device to this interface
Created firewall rule Bridge device => wan accept all

The work laptop can connect to the work SSID, but there is no Internet. Can someone shed some light on what I am doing wrong or if this is even possible what I want to do? If it is possible then I obviously have something messed up or am just blatantly missing something. I've tried watching some videos and reading about the setup, but I just can't wrap my head around it.

Thanks for any help.

Probably something with this is wrong since a device is in your example eth0 and the VLAN is 1 or in your example eth0.1 which say vlan1 on device0 which is pretty much the default LAN interface.

But you need to share the content of the network config file if we are going to solve this.

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Did you have a look at this?
[OpenWrt Wiki] Guest Wi-Fi

If you have a single AP you do not really need tagging.

If you have mutiple AP you do need tagging, i made a guide a while ago:
How to setup two linked routers with guest net using VLAN 802.1q tagging with OpenWrt

Note for DSA it needs updating.

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You don't bridge the PHY and the VLAN. You bridge the VLAN and then add an SSID to that Interface. So it should be.

eth0.1 + wlanX

WLANx would be the Work SSID - you "connect" the SSID and VLAN/Interface/Bridge under Wireless after you've made them.

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Yep only a single AP and following this I got it up and running how I wanted now. This was one document I didn't look over so thank you for directing me to it.

This makes sense now and I will remember this for the future!

Thanks everyone for assisting!

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