Sshtunnel/v2ray problem

Hello guys and professor
My name is arash and im from iran, county of no free internet zone!
Im really out of my mind and after 7×17h of failing i decided to ask my problem here and not stupid bot like ChatGpt.

Here is my background:
There is a really challenging firewall here which block almost everything, after testing so many types of vpn i find 2 working vpn, first one is v2ray which use cloudflare cdn as comuflage to bypass firewall and connect to even blocked server, so I install v2ray core and luci app, BUT THERE IS No any (useful and working) documentation related to HOW TO USE CLIENT CONFIG finally after so many failures, i find Ssh tunnel which work with no blocked firewall server, but speed is fair for me (they try to block ssh but after a month they find out they can't bcz even goverment server almost not reachable to maintain)

So my simple question is

How can i redirect all traffic of connect devices to router using ssh tunnel after i connect to ssh server with this cmd :

Ssh -D 1080 user@remote_server

This is SOS message
Please help me solve our problem.

I use "mi 4c", bcz its cheapest available 16mb flash openwrt router in our market.

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