SSH without computer (for tablet/smartphone)

I need to install some configuration that can be done only with SSH. Can I somehow use SSH if I have no computer? I have tablets and smartphones on Android only. Can you please advise something?

I don’t know what apps to recommend, but look in the Android App Store for “terminal” or “ssh” and you should find some options.

On iOS, I have one called Terminal#


I use juicessh on my Android tablet


I use ConnectBot on Android.


I’ve used Termius for over 4 years on Apple iOS:

Also runs on Android.


Thank you @psherman @hnyman @frollic @RuralRoots. I realize OpenWrt cannot endorse specific clients in the wiki, but I wonder if at least on the forum this can be somehow stickied/highlighted to provide information on some options for mobile SSH clients for various platforms.

There are no non icky ssh things for android. The closest is Termux but its far from nonicky.

There is also luci-app-commands the LuCI Shell Command Module which will let you do shell commands over the luci web interface. Just make sure you use it over a https connection or security will be lacking.

It is not a shell interface but allows you to configure and execute shell commands. Useful if you need to execute the same commands with or without some custom parameters.

I do not see why we can't have a list of recommend apps.

There is also "Admin Hands" for Android. It not only does ssh but also supports SFTP (as well as FTP and Telnet).

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Termux via f-droid

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