SSH session authentication via remote radius server in OpenWrt

I want to authenticate my SSH session of my OpenWrt from a remote radius server.
I have searched on google but no luck. Please give a solution.
@juppin @hnyman @VincentR

This sounds like a standard Linux question and doesn't seem to have anything to do with OpenWRT.

If I'm wrong, can you tell us what makes this different on OpenWRT? What you have tried from your Google search (list the articles) and where do they fail for you?

I'm also struggling to find some documentation or example on this issue an finding no clue so far, all the guides are for using OpenWRT itself as a radius server.

Having a central server for authentication is a key need on large environments were you have to maintain several devices, I can`t believe this feature hasn't been addressed so far.


Let me know if you got something on this.
Thanks and regards.

Since there were no answers to my original post asking for details, I had a bit more of a look.

I have a feeling this is not just a configuration/documentation issue.

I suspect that dropbear isn't going to support this which means that we're down to swapping it for openssh. At that stage, you'll most likely need libpam-radius-auth and I don't think there is an existing package for it, so you'd have to create one ( - which would be a nice contribution to the packages on openwrt.

If you get there, the configuration part becomes identical to other Linux distribution.

Let me know if you had a better/simpler idea or if you found other references that hinted as a simpler approach.