Ssh-ed25519 host key mismatch

Could anyone help me diagnose what is causing this message?
I'm attempting to ssh from my openwrt x86 router to my unifi 6 Lite WAP also running openwrt.
I'm in the process of switching from dropbear to openssh-server on both, however I notice it still defers to dropbear as the client.

ssh: Connection to root@ exited:
ssh-ed25519 host key mismatch for !
Fingerprint is sha1!! 06:f8:a5:33:e8:8b:e8:dd:a6:61:f6:58:a9:89:5e:a3:ed:6c:44:08
Expected sha1!! 8

Did you disable the dropbear server?

on the router yes, I believe so. I've at least run

/etc/init.d/dropbear disable
/etc/init.d/dropbear stop

It's running on port 2222 on the WAP still until I get openssh-server running properly.
How can I be certain and check?

I ended up going in and clearing keys out with ssh-keygen -R hostname and re-copying keys over. seems to work now.

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