Ssh-copy-id for OpenWrt?

Hi everyone!
I am using acme to renew my letsencrypt certificate and I would like to create a script to update the certificate in a server, but I can't find a way to copy the ssh keys to the server to avoid stating the password in the script.
Can 'ssh-copy-id' be installed on OpenWrt? All the tutorials I see mention this program to install the keys from linux systems into openwrt, but what about the other way around?
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Create a key pair with ssh-keygen on any machine. Copy the public key to the server. To use the private key with OpenWrt's default ssh program dropbear, you will need to convert it with dropbear_convert. Or install OpenSSH client on the router.

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Thank you for the answers!
I ended up installing OpenSSH client on the router, using ssh-keygen to generate the keys and copying the public key to the server manually.

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