I searched the forum about the difference between SSDK and SDK but could not find answer.

I have a router which I can see in the log the referral to QCA-SSDK,

So my questions are:

  1. What is SSDK? and what is QCA-SSDK?
  2. What are the differences between SSDK, QCA-SSDK and SDK?

Thanks all on advance for answers.

SDK = Software Development Kit. In general terms an SDK is just the tools and libraries needed to develop for some piece of hardware or platform, or sometimes a set of tools that use an SDK to interface with a piece of hardware.

SSDK = "Switch Software Development Kit", an SDK for certain ethernet switches. Usually SSDK refers specifically to Qualcomm Atheros' drivers which communicate with their hardware

QCA-SSDK = Qualcom Atheros Switch Software Development Kit, which is a driver system for certain Qualcom Atheros chipsets.

Thank you very much!

Why cannot find such explanation on internet?
Do you have examples for how to use QCA-SSDK?

Vendor sdks are not supported here.

Contact your Qualcomm account representative

I was a little unclear in my explanation. The nomenclature is unfortunate and misleading. QCA-SSDK is a Linux kernel module for controlling Qualcomm Athera switches through their ssdk interface and is needed for their hardware NAT among other things. It should very much be in scope for here, since it's part of OpenWrt.

No, I'm sorry, I don't actually know much about its use myself since I don't use Qualcomm Athera chipsets.

SSDK is used on ipq807x boards in OpenWrt as its providing switch drivers until we basically rewrite those one day.

No worries, at least you answered me with very good information, appreciated :+1::+1:

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