Squid TLS or Webproxy

I've been trying my a* of to get squid sslbump to work, but is it not nagging about this error, then it's something else.
Then my thought wandered to the php webproxys that exist, because of I setup a php proxy, (if I'm not mistaken) it downloads everything from the destination (e.g Google) to it self, and then send it over to me, so that way you would avoid all ssl/TLS/mitm and stuff.

So my question is, can you run any php(or similar) proxy on openwrt, and if anybody have any experience if this?

My ultimately goal is to shrink the data for output to a phone, stop all advertisement, shrink images, remove unnecessary load..

Sounds like this:
Use less data and browse faster with Chrome’s Lite mode

Yeah, but No..
that only applies to http data, and who runs http today?

it needs to be https and of course my own server, or else I wouldn't want to sslbump my data.