Squid on WRt32x

I am new to LEDE / openWRT. I would like to install squid into my WRT32X for url_rewrite.

Since the original linksys firmware can be access via SSH (using putty) and OpenWRT come out after login, i am wondering can i just include the LEDE repository into the opkg.conf and install squid using opkg? Or i have to flash the original firmware before i can get squid install?


Hi @suiboon
Have you checked this thread? It might help you. Nice hardware specs anyway. Send some news about your squid set-up

HI @diogosimao,

I worked it out the next day after posting this. I installed the squid on the original firmware since the original firmware uses OpenWRT. Auto update has to be disable or the update will undo the installation. I downloaded the squid and perl (my url_rewrite script is a perl script) packages and their dependencies from OpenWRT repository and install them one by one using opkg. If you need the detail steps, please let me know, i will post it on weekend.

I don't have a wrt32x, but I did it on wrt3200 - https://github.com/ValCher1961/McDebian_WRT3200ACM/tree/master/test
For the sake of entertainment used rootfs from OpenWRT/LEDE and installed Luci. GitHub now has a rootfs for Debian.
The trick is that you don't have to pour anything into NAND.