Squashfs-sysupgrade firmware issue

I updated my Cudy AC 2100Mbps with following firmware.


This one was not starting my wifi. router was working on LAN (Wire Mode) so I decided to go back to old version of firmware.

openwrt-ramips-mt7621-asiarf_ap7621-001-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin. It does provided me warning, which I overwritten. some how router is not coming online not showing any thing on LAN. this router has reset button and pinhole reset button. both does not work. It just shows red solid LED.

can any one guess and provide solution for making it on ?

Looks like that's the wrong image you used?

You should have used


You will need to do tftp recovery

The git commit says

Press and hold the reset button during power up.
The router will request 'recovery.bin' from a TFTP server at

So looks like you'll have to flash stock first then use the proper openwrt image to get to openwrt.

not very likely, since the CRCs aren't the same.


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look at the CRCs in question
what do you think is more relevant, the CRC, or the file name ?

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I tried that. It does not start the tftp server. I changed IP to when this router starts only red solid LED comes on. It does not respond to reset button.

The tftp server needs to be on your pc

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The sha256sum are different, meaning the files are different. See:

This is normal security practice.

Clearly there's something wrong with my view of the question

Removing my cruft, sorry about my noise here

It should do, from what you've said you've done, the bootloader should be intact.

Do you have access to a usb serial adaptor? You'll be able to see what's happening on the console.

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Yes, This is my router. I need few hours to do some research I will get back to you.
I dont have usb serial adaptor.

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Yes... Files are different when they have same name. I have folder created date wise to store firmwares. This time unfortunately, some thing went wrong.

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Stock firmware is uploaded via tftp. But some how router shows red solid led. nothing happens.
It does not come online -- nor new wifi ssid gets opened.

Any help would be appreciated.


Consider getting a USB to serial adaptor. They don't cost very much and are extremely useful in this situation.

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