SQM VoIP SIP WhatsApp etc how to set up only Voice priority

There are 3 AP points (OpenWRT 802.11r /19.7.7) i have installed SQM simple scripts and SQM Luci
There are VoIP SIP telephone and usual smartphones that use WatsUP for calling
How to set up SQM for prioritization VOiP trafic ? Like i dont need no speed limits all devices connect via WiFI but when somone speaking i want that voice streem be prioritized.
Try to find didnt find anything


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Didn't find anything there about how to set up voice prioritisation

Assuming you actually need/want/require prioritisation you need to use either simple.qos/fq_codel or layer_cake.qos/cake and then you need to make sure your VoIP packets are appropriately DSCP marked so that they end up in the desire priority tier/tin. I would probably recommend to use layer_cake.qos/cake and maybe even switch from the default diffserv3 DSCP-to-priority mapping to diffserv4.

But honestly, that is the easy part. The real challenge is to make sure that VoIP packets are appropriately marked before they hit SQM and/or the APs...

  1. check what DSCPs these devices already use for packets they send towards the internet by recording a packet capture and look inside with e.g. wireshark.

  2. Make sure you assign static leases (OpenWrt GUI -> Network -> DHCP and DNS -> static leases) to all your VoIP devices, so you can easily find them in packet captures and use iptables rules to mark them.

  3. for incoming VoIP packets from the internet it is very unlikely that they arrive appropriately marked, so you will need tc filters or (maybe in a coming snapshot version of OpenWrt) the qosify application to selectively set the correct DSCPs for your policy.

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