SQM Scripts default number of packets

What is the "default number" of packets in ...
"Hard limit on ingress queues; leave empty for default."
and in
"Hard limit on egress queues; leave empty for default."

For codel, fq_codel, pie, pfifo_fast, sfq, and pfifo we default to 1001 packets (the kernel default is as far as I can tell 1000, we opted for 1001 so we actually see we touched this) for bfifo we default to 1001 * MTU. Please note that this limit is in packets and not MB and 1001 packets typically required 2KB1001 = 2002KB of memory, but with offloads this can balloon to more than 64K1001 = 64064 KB (in theory in practice typically less).
We currently do not handle limit for cake, as cake's memlimit does not configure a guranteed packetbuffer but it limits the maximum memory size the kernel will use for buffering packets in cake. For typical BDP calculations cake's method is not that helpful but for smallish home router's one typically is more concerned about out of memory stuations than maximum bandwidth use (especially given that a router rebooting to to OOM will effectively have a bandwidth of zero during the reboot, but I digress).
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what do you suggest for using with cake..layer cake.qos ..dual-dsthost..dual-srchost in configuration.?

Honestly, as I write we do not touch the default values for cake at all, and unless testing would show the defaults to be imperfect I would just leave the limit/memlimit alone, just because sqm-scripts exposes a toggle does not mean it needs to be touched ;). That said if you encounter often OOM (out-of-memory) situations it might make sense to use cake's memlimit. Note cake will auto-scale the buffer that is typically adjusted with the "limit" directive in other qdiscs, so not only should you not touch limit unless it helps but with cake even changing the ILIMIT/ELIMIT values will not change a thing...

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Ok another thing i want to test...how can i add etc. 50ms delay in my network or in specific ip?

I believe you could add another box with >= 2 network interfaces running linux with netem. Alternatively for maocsx there was/is a system preference panel that allows to restrict bandwidth and/or add additional latency. It is called Network Link Conditioner (part of http://adcdownload.apple.com/Developer_Tools/Additional_Tools_for_Xcode_8.2/Additional_Tools_for_Xcode_8.2.dmg) in case you use a mac. I have a hunch that this question is not really related to SQM scripts or LEDE, so you might have better luck getting a satisfactory response to your question on a more dedicated forum...

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