SQM not working properly

Hello guys, some days ago I've bought an GL-AX1800 to use SQM to help lower my ping while under heavy pressure, I've followed the main guide and trying different settings in advanceds, but whatever setting I have used, made the bufferbloat test worse than my original connection bufferbloat. I'm on a VDSL2 connection, this is my bufferbloat without SQM on :

My connection on speedtest fluctuates from 24-28 Mbps on DL and 6-6.6 Mbps on upload.

Any help will be appreciated since I really can't figure what's going on here :eyes:

The gl-ax1800 isn't supported here, it runs gl.inets openwrt fork, you should reach out to them.

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I can get onto the OpenWRT config through LuCI though, isn't it the same? runs on OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16399+159-c67509efd7

It's not.

Future and current Openwrt status is discussed in GL-iNet AX1800 new router - OpenWrt support?

ah I see, I'll go ask there instead, thanks for the quick help :slight_smile:

Only after you've installed the image they're providing.

While I agree on the gl-inet issue, debuggimg sqm is likely not gl-inet specific...
Please post the putput of
tc s qdisc

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