SQM erx Question

I have 1400mb/s down and 60mb/s up connection connected directly to my modem

I'm using an Edgerouter X. It's bottlenecking me to about 400mb/s

I think it makes sense to use SQM only for my upload. I don't think I'll saturate my download speed and induce bufferbloat

I think the erx tops out at 400mb/s download. Should I be using software offload, or anything other settings in my particular setup for best results?

I'm going to wait a year or so before I decide to upgrade my router I think.

Looking to use SQM Piece of Cake w/ any other recommended settings you guys use

Yep, look up dlakeland's threads on gigabit routing, good reference on the heavy task of shaping that much data rate, to get an idea what's needed to do it properly. Pretty much every off the shelf router currently, will not be up to 1400mbit. Though, some x86 mini PC's, and a RPI4, would be.

I used to run a C7, on a 300/30mbit cable connection. The C7 has only the CPU to shape 110-120mbit. But, I was able to get perhaps 3/4 of the debloating benefits by just shaping the uplink. 30mbit was easy for the C7, and I got a surprising amount of improvement on the downlink. Helped a lot, with my oversubscribed and lag bursty cable service, till I broke down and got a little x86 box to do the heavy lifting. Now, even upgraded to 940/35mbit, I can SQM all day with CPU to spare...

Software offload... hmmm... think its not supposed to mess with SQM? Hardware does? Both might effect the queuing efforts negatively. I'm not sure where things are at, currently. I'd avoid both, to be on the safe side.

I would suggest reading your way thru the 3 SQM doc sections on the main OpenWrt site, including the "make cake sing and dance" section, and following that. Pretty much what I've been using, and I've been pretty happy with it.