Sqm drops to ~50% total bandwidth

hi, i have a 750/15 line with my isp and a netgear wax206

when i set up sqm with the following config

down: 729600 kbit/s
up: 14592 kbit/s
queue discipline: cake (i tried fq-codel without a significant difference)
queue setup script: piece_of_cake
link layer: ethernet with overhead
per packet overhead: 44

i only get ~55Mbps

if i turn sqm off, i get ~90Mbps

i'm fine with dropping some bandwidth due to sqm, but it seems a bit excessive

any thoughts/suggestions ?

just wanted to follow up on this, i found this answer SQM, cake, piece_of_cake.qos — low performance (500 Mbps/500 Mbps connectivity) - #2 by hnyman, just tried it and it seems to work much better

i get sqm benefits when the line is saturated by a bandwidth saturating client i'm running,

i'll keep looking into it

i'd appreciate any thoughts/suggestions anyway

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Your main problem is absurd asymmetricity: 750/15 means 50:1 ratio.
Protocol traffic related to high download speeds will consume quite much of your upload bandwidth.

Normal typical ratio might be from 1:1 to 10:1, but 50:1 is crazy.


i see, yes, if things don't quite work, i'll look into switching isps, there's a good offer on 1000/1000

Your 206 might be struggling with sqm at that speed, but then again I don't see any reason for setting it up, when you've got 1/1gbit.
But it might be ISP dependant.

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