SQM bandwidth limit

How do i apply bandwidth limit to the wifi interface ?
is this correct ?

You also need to check the"Enable this SQM instance" checkbox. That said, what goal do you want to achieve by throttleing this wifi radio?

To have a somewhat similar function to tp-links bandwidth control.

But why do you want to control bandwidth? Are you truely concerned about wifi, or are you trying to share your internet between devices so that no single device can hog all bandwidth?

Hey, moeller0. If you are trying to share your internet between devices so that no single device can hog all the bandwidth, do you set the Interface Name to eth0?

This depends a bit on your exact router model. Log into your router with ssh and run the following command: ifstatus wan, have a look at what is reported as l3_device and as device
Here is an example (only the relevant first few lines of the output):

root@router:~# ifstatus wan
	"up": true,
	"pending": false,
	"available": true,
	"autostart": true,
	"dynamic": false,
	"uptime": 13803,
	"l3_device": "pppoe-wan",
	"proto": "pppoe",
	"device": "eth1.7",
	"updated": [
	"metric": 0,
	"dns_metric": 0,
	"delegation": true,
	"ipv4-address": [

In my case I instantiate sqm on pppoe-wan and follow the advice in https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/traffic-shaping/sqm-details's " Making cake sing and dance, on a tight rope without a safety net (aka advanced features)" section. Let me know if you have more questions.

my connection is 4mbps and i want to make a hard limit on wifi clients
something like 1mbps or less. Obviously i do not want to shape the traffic? Unless that is gona happen either way.

Well, SQM does what is called traffic-shaping, so if you use sqm you shape traffic in a sense (I agree that this might be grudgingly and not really what you desire).

Sure sqm should be able to give you that, only note that for inward facing interfaces like LAN of WLAN, the downloading bandwidth in the GUI actually denotes the upload into the internet and the same inversion is true for uploading bandwidth in the gui, this no configures the internet downloads....

Yes upon testing i realized that.

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