SQM and DSL Reports grading

I've been trying out some settings from the Details wiki for SQM and going to DSL Reports to test, but the grades never actually appear, it just stays on the 3 'loading' dots (see screen shot) although the tests seem to run fine. At first I thought it was just some temporary site problems, but it's been this way for a couple of weeks now and is the same on Safari and Chrome, just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.07%20PM

I've had problems with the PNGs not generating as well as issues similar to yours.

I was getting a "blocked" message for the past day or so as well.

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Here we are, a month and more... the problem goes on. For me, I get the other grades, but the bufferbloat is missing. Worse, what I really care about, the Bufferbloat meter and high resolution BB graphs dont show up. This has been an invaluable tool for SQM tuning, and general diagnostics. Shame that it got broken on a site update, and apparently the developer isnt available.... nobody understands how to fix it...
We need that back!

in the meantime have a look at

or try octos ping-lib (# apt install oping)
$ noping -i 0.1

Or install flent, for significantly more detailed information.

I agree that DSLReports has some nice features, but there is where to complain, not here.


So I had some issues recently with the bandwidth graphs missing, but the bufferbloat graphs always seem to be there (except with a mobile browser not set to request the desktop version the bufferbloat plot will not be shown). I did register (for free) and always log in before running a test, do you use anonymous test by any chance?

That is correct, unless we can figure this out quickly :wink:

I have an account, and almost always use it. I believe its the only way to get the hi res bufferbloat and other advanced features mentioned in the "standardized" settings. (Link here somewhere) I'm aware of the mobile browser issue of no BB graphs, so use desktop browsers.

Agreed about the subject appropriateness, but a discussion had formed. There are several month plus long threads over on Dslreports thru this problem. Probably a separate thread to get a bunch of new people from here over there complaining might help... many over there are saying its fixed, cause they can see a letter grade now, maybe? It aint fixed for me, letter grade or hi res results that show my cable co's bursty latency like no other tool...

And yes, I did my complaining over there first....

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