Spontaneous reboot after heavy use of usb. How to investigate cause?


I've recently 'side-graded' from a WNDR3700v1 to a v4, mainly to have more RAM and space for packages without the hassle of extroot. I'm using it with v19.07.6.

I'm having problems with the v4 spontaneously rebooting after it's been writing to a 128GB usb flash drive for a period of time (20 mins ish). This happens with both the Ksmbd and Samba4-server packages.

The system log shows absolutely no reference to the reboot at all, so I'd like to know how I would go about turning up the detail on the log / how I could begin to troubleshoot?


Logs are in ramdisk, so they get wiped in a reboot...

Might be some kind of overheating.

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If you can trigger the issue at will, open a console and watch the logs live with "logread -f".

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