Splitting a topic

is it possible to split a topic where the original question has been answered, but then the discussion went on on a related topic that should better be in a thread of its own?

I couldn't find such an operation in the controls that are available to me as a mere mortal, but maybe moderators or administrators have the power to do that.

I am talking about Cudy WR1300 what are J12 and J14?, which I think would make sense to be split at comment 12 (Cudy WR1300 what are J12 and J14? - #12 by baquilla) with a subject like "Cudy WR1300: Issues switching to OpenWrt on devices with a XM25QH128C flash chip".


@tmomas to the rescue.

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Done, topic splitted.

@rmax Has your question been answered? If yes, can you point out the solution?

@tmomas Thanks for the splitting.
Yes, my question has been answered, but the answer is spread over two comments. I found out the pinout of J14 myself (which was later confirmed by Cudy) and documented it in comment 7, and posted the pinout of J12 in comment 11 after Cudy had told me the details. I've tried to mark both as solutions, but it looks like only one post can be selected for that.

Since the topic is quite short and the answers easy to find, I have marked the topic as solved and set the usual timer.